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Can a Non-US Resident Own a US Business?
February 11, 2020

Whenever we speak with international prospects, one of the most common questions we are asked is - "can a non-resident of the USA really start and own a business in that country?"The answer is yes, and the fact is that the primary market that BizLauncher serves currently is the global "Tech-trepreneur market". This market represents emerging technology and e-commerce entrepreneurs who need to access the US banking system in order to access...

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Starting My Amazon Store: LLC Needed?
September 27, 2019

We many times get the question of whether starting a drop shipping store on Amazon or Shopify requires the entrepreneur to register a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or corporation with their state of choice in the US. There is not a universal response to this question, as the answer depends on each individual's unique circumstances.So what exactly are these factors? The factors that will largely decide whether you need an LLC for this purpose...

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