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Trademarks are normally used to register a name, logo or slogan related to the sale of goods.

Service marks are often used to register a name, logo or slogan related to the sale of services.

Intent to Use applications can be useful for a future mark that is not yet used to sell goods or services. Such applications can serve to establish a company’s place in line on the date of filing as opposed to the date the mark is actually used to begin selling goods or services. Goods and services bearing the mark usually need to be sold to hold the company’s place in line and validate its application, and then update the USPTO. Under those circumstances, the company may consider filing a Statement of Use, which can be done through a customized portal on Trademark Engine, and generally should be done within six months of the registering an Intent to Use trademark. Up to five additional six-month extensions may be available on request and if good cause is demonstrated

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