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Ongoing filing requirements are an important part of maintaining a company’s good standing with the state, and each state prescribes specific rules regarding when certain filings are due. Examples of these types of filings include annual reports and publication requirements. Failure to file these reports can lead to the company being revoked or administrative dissolution. 

There are other filings which are required only when you’re ready to take specific actions. These includes amendments and foreign qualifications. 

Whatever the type of compliance related services or filings you need, BizLauncher is here to help!

  • Registered Agent Services
  • Annual Filings
  • Foreign Qualification
  • Amendments
  • Dissolutions
  • Certificate of Good Standing

Every state requires a legal business entity to have a Registered Agent. A Registered Agent is also known as a resident agent, statutory agent, or agent for service of process.

The Registered Agent address is the address that will be used by the state for any official legal and tax correspondence. P.O. boxes are not allowed or acceptable as the Registered Agent address must be a physical, in-state street address.

If needed, BizLauncher can provide you with a Registered Agent for only $129.00 per year.

With our Registered Agent Service:

  1. It ensures that you are in compliance with Statutory Responsibilities

  2. Filters “Junk Mail” from your home or business.

  3. Get immediate notification and delivery of Service of Process, Forms, etc.

  4. Automatically have an extra layer of privacy between you and your company.

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Filing requirements are an important part of maintaining a company’s standing with the state. Each state prescribes specific rules regarding when annual reports and franchise tax reports are due. Some states require the annual report to be filed on the anniversary month of the companies date of formation, while other states set a specific date of filing for these business entities.

Failure to file on time can result in your company’s good standing with the state to be negatively impacted. Failure to file these reports can lead to the company being revoked or administrative dissolution. With all our incorporation products, we provide lifetime company alerts that will provide courtesy email reminders to inform clients of an upcoming filing requirement.

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A Foreign Qualification is a very important requirement for companies who wish to do business in multiple states. It is the process of registering an LLC or Corporation to do business in a state outside of the original state of formation. Your company will have no legal standing or authority to transact business within a particular state if you have not filed a Foreign Qualification.

With our services, you get immediate processing of your order, electronic delivery, and email notification of status.

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The filing of an Articles of Amendment is necessary when the name of an incorporated company changes. It must be filed with the state of incorporation and approved for it to take effect. A foreign qualification also needs to be filed if the company has registered to transact business in other states. Just as when you selected the original name for your company, the new name cannot be substantially similar to a name already in use by another company incorporated or foreign qualified in that state. If there is not sufficient differentiation, the state may reject the amendment. Approval by the state certifies that your company met state legal requirements and that the name has officially been changed with the state.

BizLauncher undertakes all the necessary work as we will prepare the requisite documentation and handle all interaction with the state.

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Not all businesses succeed to the level projected by their owners. However, dissolution can be caused in many ways, including the failure to file annual reports or pay certain taxes in the state of incorporation, bankruptcy, or voluntary dissolution by business owners. You provide some simple information, and BizLauncher will do the rest. This includes preparing and quality checking your filing to ensure it meets all state requirements, submit your signed documents to the state, and deliver your documents digitally.

Companies incorporated or foreign qualified in a state face annual report and taxation requirements in that state. If the state does not know that your company is no longer in existence, those obligations will continue to accrue and accumulate. Only through dissolving your business with the state will these obligations come to an end.Let BizLauncher handle the process of ending your business with the state, so you can concentrate on other requirements. The other steps that you need to focus on could include filing necessary federal, state, and local tax forms and notifying creditors.

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A Certificate of Good Standing, sometimes called a Certificate of Existence or Certificate of Authorization, is a state-issued document used to demonstrate that a legal business entity exists or is authorized to do business in the state and has complied with all state-required formalities.

It is important to note that a Certificate of Good Standing is typically required when a company wishes to apply for a foreign qualification and may also be required before a company can enter certain contracts or relationships. If your company is not in good standing with the state when a Certificate of Good Standing is requested, the state will often return a document stating that your company is in existence but is in “bad standing,” which can have a negative impact on your business.

Information that will be included on the Certificate of Good Standing includes:

  • Your company’s name

  • That your company is incorporated and authorized to do business in that state

  • That all fees, taxes and/or any applicable penalties owed the state have been paid

  • That the company’s most recent annual report has been filed

  • That Articles of Dissolution have not been filed

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